How Do I Add Friends on Kik?

KIK-Messenger-ICON-300x225Add friends option appears only when using the latest version of Kik for Windows. Adding friends is based on the user name. Select at registration so easy to find and remember user name. Adding friends is as follows on the iPod, iPhone or phones with Android

Method 1

  • Talk To button on the right corner.
  • Enter the user name of your friend.
  • Find key username.
  • Click on the user you want to add.
  • Send your friend a message or store it in the contacts.

Method 2

  • Talk To button on the right corner.
  • Find key username.
  • Enter the user name of your friend.
  • Search key.
  • Talk button to send a message and save your friend at the Kik contacts, or touch Add to Contacts to add your friend without immediately sending a message.

SSD: 10 questions and 10 answers for Solid State Disk

For several years, the traditional hard disk has a competitor: the SSD. This fast storage just becoming the standard memory in Macbooks and iMacs. SSDs are “fast”, yes. But what can they listen to? We have collected 10 questions and answers about SSD.

ssd-hdd-inside1-450x2721. What is an SSD?

SSDs (Solid State Disks) denote mass storage, which are composed of memory chips. 2008 Apple built into its MacBook Air for the first time SSDs. Since then, the fast memory conquer more and more Mac models.

2. What is the difference between an SSD and a HDD?

Normal disks, the HDD (Hard Disk Drive) consist of rotating magnetic disks on which data is stored. SSDs contain no moving parts. They consist of memory chips and similar in the USB flash drive.

The differences between SSD and HDD and the SSD upgrade we’ve ever given us here on the blog.

3. What are the advantages of an SSD over a HDD?

SSDs are compared to a HDD faster, more power efficient and less sensitive to vibration. In addition, SSDs work more quietly and are not practical warm. Specifically: The SSD is generally about 30 to 40% faster than a HDD with 7200 RPM and about 40 to 50% faster than a HDD with 5400 revolutions. In addition, an SSD consumes only about 2-3 watts, where a HDD with its mechanics consumes about 8 Watts.

4. What are the disadvantages of an SSD?

The price of an SSD is high compared to a HDD. Therefore, they can be found in the consumer area even with low capacity. Many users want to now use a SSD as a system drive on which your operating system and all other data, to the easy access to important. In addition, they use a HDD for large amounts of data need not always be accessed as fast on. Thus, for both time and money saving.

5. What is the difference between Flash Storage vs SSD?

The difference is quite simply in case. The SSD is modeled in form usually a HDD to fit easily to the existing connections in the computer. But it can also have the form of a PCIe plug-in card. The flash memory is, however, a component that usually has an elongated stick form.

6. How much does a SSD?

Brand-specific, there are of course differences, but you can currently schedule around € 1.00 to 2.30 € per Gibabyte. Then simply holding course, first a hard drive in hand. Who his will upgrade Mac with an SSD , must reach into his pocket for installation again.

7. Which SSD is the best in terms of price / performance ratio?

Currently, the Samsung SSD is 840 series – for example in its 250 GB version with less than 1 € / GB – highly recommended. The Samsung SSD 840 Pro 256GB you will also find in our online shop and in our GRAVIS stores.

8. How long does a SSD?

You can expect about 5 years, which corresponds to 10,000 accesses or descriptions. In comparison, it is a HDD up to 4 years “lifetime”.

9. What is capacity there?

SSDs start at a size of 64 GB and go in the consumer area currently up to one TB.

10. Is it possible to equip a Mac later with an SSD?

This is in most cases (in some older models, however, unfortunately not). There are several options: You can either its exchange HDD to an SSD blank, blank in addition to the HDD install a SSD (to the DVD drive must be removed) or a fusion drive can be installed. More detailed information about the individual options can be found on these pages.

The Number One System You Should Be Using for Tinder Dating Exposed

Tinder Dating: No Longer a Mystery is among the most well-known adult dating sites within the internet. There are dozens and dozens of internet dating websites on the Internet. These sites supply the same types of features that you would find on regular paid dating sites.

While there are many reliable and expert sites on-line there are still scam websites. Some on-line marketing sites may just be masking as internet dating sites as a way to send you advertisings and spam mail.

Finding these websites online is not too difficult if you decide on the proper search terms. There is only a plethora of complimentary internet dating websites on the web, that it could be quite confusing to discover which one is going to suit you best. Reviews of internet dating sites categorize these several varieties of dating services. is a rather popular and top free internet dating site. Completely Free online dating is getting more and much more popular. The most suitable internet dating site for you are going to provide a generous free trial.

A 20 minute phone conversation is generally adequate time to learn about an expected date. In most containers, you are going to most certainly get replies along with the conversation between the two of you’ll set off very quickly. Always meet somewhere you’re feeling comfortable, therefore a familiar place is a great start on a very first date.

Meanwhile, there are many other methods of getting dates. The aptitude chat with a possible partner before meeting face-to-face can grow the likelihood of the future date becoming more successful. So, in case you are back within the game following the end of the lengthy relationship or somebody who is finding it difficult to try to find love as a result of a busy schedule, internet dating is an easy, fun method to look for a mate.

Internet dating is big company and therefore there’s a huge number of differing types of dating websites that are available to you. In the event your need is merely dating and fun then you are going to have a specific series of sites. Among the most important matters that you can do as a way to discover the right dating site will be to find out precisely what you’re looking to become out of it.

There isn’t any guarantee that singles will come across partners by means of these sites. Whilst there’s a chance which you can come across the type of partner which you are looking for making use of a traditional dating site you can really speed things up by making use of a specialist alternative dating site depending on the sort of person you’re looking for. Now that you simply’ve decided to provide online dating a try you’ve probably realised that there are an enormous variety of different websites that you just could sign up to.

An online dating site really isn’t the means to hook a possible bridegroom folks! Many members of internet dating sites are single parents who’ll understand your circumstances, and have already discovered the web to be an excellent way to track down a date. Reviews of internet dating sites shouldn’t leave aside ethnic dating.

Tinder Dating Fundamentals Explained

Potential dates will repeatedly bypass profiles if there’s minimum information since there is nothing to really go on, so a sparsely populated profile is absolutely not the best way to obtain a date. Such data permits you to be aware of how popular an online dating site may be. It therefore has a large membership base.

You’ll have a choice of membership options based on how long that you need to join for. (you can find out more about this here: does tinder work)

To make your own life easier you could think about a Christian internet dating service. A standard; proper gay dating service is all about much more when compared to a simple profile. So rather than depending on social activities, networking with pals and single bars you may go on the internet and initiate your search there.

The secret to locating the ideal internet dating site begins with investing just a little additional time finding the best one for you. Good sites provide support, a great selection of members, articles offering help and suggestions on dating and outstanding security features. Besides that, you also need to check the dating services provided by the site before enrolling with the website.

Whenever someone is simply trying to find the possibility to build dating options, they probably don’t need to spend a whole lot of money at greater than one site. By getting to know many people online, an individual will have the ability to save plenty of money since the exact same information that an individual gathers online can be accomplished just like heading out on a genuine date. Just like with any way of meeting new folks, internet dating requires a specific number of common sense.

Tinder Dating: the Ultimate Convenience!

There are numerous websites which may help anyone locate a partner. Lots of the complimentary trial offers enable you to obtain email but you need to be a paying member to reply! Following a few emails as well as a telephone conversation, you need to be ready meet your own perspective date.

Moreover, if you are a Christian who wishes to fulfill a Christian partner, it’ll be as a way to look for Christian reviews.

Fortunately there are a lot of free dating websites where it’s possible for you to meet other folks. There are a number of sites offering an excellent pile of Russian single women prepared to date. So you’ve joined a good over 60s dating site and possess a profile bound to attract no more than the perfect people and now you’ve someone you really love and would definitely like to know better.

It is a famous fact that the most prosperous on-line relationships are such between persons with some essential components in common. Here are a few critical tips in internet dating that you want to follow to be able to get noticed without compromising your integrity. You would like to steer clear of those sites which are known for becoming more adult oriented which is a typical trend that is certainly emerging in dating world (unless, obviously, you’re specifically interested in that).

Installation of iMessage on your Android Device


image_20160720_143419Communication without limits is real nowadays! The dream of thousands of people can implement with ease if to find out more information about iMessage for Android. The owners of various mobile devices can use this application. Surely, it is needed to have an access to Wi-fi or telephone Internet. No PIN-numbers and user names, just your telephone number. No necessity to choose those friends who have already had iMessage for Android, because this action is included into the settings. You can easily send a message, adding to it drawings, music, photos or videos. It is a pleasure to get in touch with your friends now. Pay attention to the possibility of using group chat.

Actually, it becomes really interesting to contact with the friends thanks to iMessage for Android. Don’t miss an opportunity to create your own groups or join to the existing ones. It would be a sound decision to install this mobile application. Of course, it simplifies the whole process of communication notably. SMS will come to the addressee anyway, even if his/her phone is switched off for this period of time. Looking for the cheap way of sending messages? It is certainly needed to think about iMessage for Android!

The availability of iMessage Android

The official sites of developers offer iMessage Android for everyday using. Search them in Internet at any time and review the advantages of this app. The first year is absolutely free of charge. If you are satisfied with this service then pay 99 cents in a year only. The price is quite reasonable and affordable indeed. Anyway, it is worth to install iMessage Android for the further communication with your friends and relatives. Especially, it concerns to those users who can’t imagine their lives without the exchange of photos, videos and music. A possibility to download iMessage for Android is attractive for sure. Share your impressions, plans and thoughts without any obstacles. Finally, it becomes even available to get in touch with the most distant relatives.

How to download iMessage for Android?

Each user can admit that download iMessage for Android won’t take much time. In a few seconds you will have this application on your phone. Follow instructions step by step. Eventually, you will install it. iMessage download for Android will help you to be well informed about the latest events of your close circle at any time. No difficulties to correspond with friends with iMessage free download for Android anymore

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GarageBand: The best tips and tricks for the perfect song in the digital music studio

Recording studio and music school for five euros. So in a nutshell can be Apple’s music program GarageBand describe. Thus even beginners can easily compose your own music – assuming you have a little musical intuition. For this is not even a real tool necessary. For virtual instruments are integrated into the program. This play with the Mac keyboard. Simple and intuitive, it would of course be a real keyboard for getting started – to play with the Apple keyboard, but still practical. In this way you not only play the keyboard of a piano, but also the strings of a guitar or the skin of a drum. For recording vocals or spoken texts for a podcast is sufficient to start the internal microphone, if one exists.

1Connect instruments

Do you want to play with real instruments and allows to record the sounds of GarageBand, you connect it to your Mac. This works with a keyboard, for example, a USB input. A guitar close easiest to to the line-in port. All you need is usually an adapter from a large to a small blade plug. Moreover, there is also a mediating device, a so-called audio interface. This connect via line-in, USB, Firewire or Thunderbolt input connected to the Mac. The instruments connect to the audio interface.

Integrated Loops

To particularly easy to do it, Apple has integrated a large number of loops. A loop is a fixed sound sequences of one or more instruments. You may use concomitantly or composed solely of them a piece of music without even playing an instrument. Also possible: upload a piece of music of a famous artist from your hard drive and experiment with it around a bit. This option is especially useful if you want to create your own ringtone of favorite songs for your iPhone.


Whether recorded via software or with real instrument for everything you play, GarageBand creates a separate track. You can edit these targeted; about cut, change a filter to tone or adjusting the volume. Track that cuts across the program playing from the same time. To record one instrument after the other and then combined into a complete song. Just as easily add vocals.

GarageBand on Android

GarageBand For Android is also available (4.99 euros). The app comes with so-called smart instruments. This can automatically play chords. They change with just a tap. So you can quickly and easily compose compelling melodies. As on the Mac, you can arrange the iPad single shots in different tracks into one work. For this you also additional loops and filters are for distorting available. Also possible: the connection of a guitar.

Data is exchanged via iCloud Drive. However, the road is one-way. Once transferred from the iOS device music can be the Mac not resend it to the iOS app.


Both the Mac and the iPad, you can use GarageBand quickly and without much prior knowledge to create and edit music. A specific instrument is not mandatory, but can connect to the program. To order only einzuspielen podcasts or convert parts of songs into ringtones, the program is too powerful. But it is possible.

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Windows Tips and Virus Help


Malwarebytes For Before and After Infections

antimalwareMalwarebytes is a unique and essential tool that protects your computer from malware and a host of other nasty bugs and annoying popups and toolbars. Malwarebytes can also remove them after your PC gets infected. You should know that every PC running Windows should have a highly-rated Antivirus or Internet Security suite installed, running, and up-to-date. However, Malwarebytes is also an essential tool that can complement your Antivirus of choice. It’s worth noting that you should never install more than one Antivirus on the same PC. Installing two or more antivirus programs can cause conflicts. This can lead to a slower machine that may actually let viruses and other malware in that would have otherwise been stopped. Malwarebytes is not an antivirus program and is designed to work with almost any AV program you choose to use.So, Why Both?Antivirus programs do a great job of stopping most viruses from infecting your computer, as well as other bugs called “file infectors”. However, many antivirus programs and even the more premium Internet Security and Complete or Total Protection suites offered by many companies do not always stop other malware from getting installed on your machine. Malwarebytes is designed to work with your current AV to help stop and remove bad files and programs. This includes worms, Trojans, spyware, rootkits, dialers, virus droppers, and other “Potentially Unwanted Programs” (also known as PUPs) that many AV programs fail to detect.

In my years as a technician I have helped many computer users with various problems: the most common being viruses and malware. These users have a slow-running PC, one that’s constantly bombarded with pop-ups, and where browsing the internet is a painful experience with toolbars and advertisements everywhere. The majority of these computer users already had a popular antivirus program or internet security suite installed, running, and up-to-date. In many of these situations, Malwarebytes was able to remove these malicious files and apps and resolve the program. With Malwarebytes installed those same infections were stopped before they happened, or detected shortly after and swiftly squashed.My Take on Malwarebytes

I’ve used Malwarebytes on all of my personal computers for use and have always recommended it to friends, family, and customers. I honestly feel that Malwarebytes is an essential tool that should be installed on every Windows PC alongside a highly-rated Antivirus or Internet Security suite. I’ve even used a professional edition of Malwarebytes that is designed for use by a technician to help remove malware and speed up computers on customers’ already infected machines. This “Tech Bench” edition uses the very same software and tools available in the free, home edition of Malwarebytes. Yes, an incredible tool such as Malwarebytes is available for completely free–no catch.A Look at Malwarebytes
Curious before you download it? Take a look at the latest version of Malwarebytes in action so that you see what you’ll actually get. Get Malwarebytes!
To have Malwarebytes start protecting your PC, visit

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