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Fajar Nindyo
Tumblr is a service provider for blogging activities like Blogger and WordPress but the layout and page design is not as complicated as the two platforms above.

Uniquely, in the Tumblr blog platform, fellow members can follow each other just like on the Twitter social network. While on the other hand, Tumblr is also similar to Facebook where users can post status updates that are accompanied by photos, links, and videos.

There may be questions, whether we can use Tumblr to get DoFollow backlinks. The answer: can. Because there are major facilities in the form of blog posts where in the existing articles anchor text can be made and embed a link to another desired address.

The trick, first of all, is that you have to register as a Tumblr user. Then try to make an article posting. Specify one of the words or sentences that will be used as anchor text, then block the text. Some editing icons will appear and select a chain image to insert the link. Fill in the appropriate URL you want. When finished, click Save. Now you have a post on Tumblr that has a DoFollow backlink to another web page or blog that you have.


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