Dofollow Backlink from SBNation (DA 90 and PA 67)

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SB Nation ( is a network of communities where sports fans from all backgrounds gather to share their passion for the teams they love. They strive to create a fun and welcoming place for everyone to come with fans.

To be their member, they have the user guidelines should be obeyed:
  •  Be respectful in interaction with contributors and fellow fans.
  •  Do not be a jerk and do not call other people jerks.
  •  They will remove anything they see that jeopardizes their communities.

The way to get dofollow backlinks from SBNation is quite simple because you are only asked to fill in the profile pages of website members. Sign up first if you don't have an account there (the signup button is on the top right of the website page). To speed up the registration process, you can use social media accounts that you have such as Twitter, Facebook, Google, or Yahoo. For example, I tried to register with a yahoo email account where SBNation will verify by opening a yahoo email page then I was asked to fill in an email address. Next, I fill in my Yahoo email account password. Click the "Next" button for the next process. The approval page will appear, "Click to sign in to using your Yahoo ID and allow sharing of Yahoo info." Click "Agree". Next, I was directed to a new page to choose a username before the registration process was complete. Click "Sign Up" after filling in the username.
dofollow backlink
After getting the username and password, do login then fill in personal data in the profile column that has been provided such as profile image, website name, website URL, and others. Next, fill in the "Website URL" column with the URL you want to use as an external backlink. Click the "Update" button when done.
dofollow backlink
To check the hyperlink, click again on our profile and the URL information will appear that we entered when inputting the profile data. External link obtained is dofollow backlink that will lead to the main page of our website or certain pages following the URL that is registered.
dofollow backlink

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