Don't Waste Your Time by Buying Expired Domains Affected by Google Penalty

Fajar Nindyo
For those of you who know PBN (Private Blog Network), you must be familiar with the existence of a web or blog that has expired but still deserves to be revived in the purpose of link building techniques.

The first step that is usually taken by PBN players is to find an expired domain that has sufficient requirements to be used as a means of building links, including domains with high DA (Domain Authority) and PA (Page Authority) or combine with good TF (Trust Flow) and CF (Citation Flow) scores. If you see a blog or web expired with 4 (four) parameters (DA, PA, TF, CF) that show a high score, that blog or website is worth buying.
But is that just all? Some of us may forget that at least 1 (one) additional parameter is needed, that is, the status of the web or blog is still well indexed in Google search and not in a penalty status. It's useless if you find an expired blog or website that has an adequate DA, PA, TF, and CF score, but in Google penalty status. Can it happen? The answer is yes.

How Do We Know That a Blog or Web Affected by Google Penalty?

I have my own experience in this matter. When I found an expired web domain through a search method on, I found that the DA and PA parameters were quite promising although not very high (DA 8, PA 15, TF 8, and CF 8). But at that time I did not do further checking mechanism to detect the health status of the web.

Through a general procedure that is usually carried out by the web or blog owner when first built web or blog, I also registered the domain to GSC (Google Search Console). But after registration, an error message appeared on the "Security & Manual Actions" menu of the GSC page that said, "1 issue detected. Pages affected by manual actions can see reduced display features, lower-ranking, or even removal from Google Search results." While underneath it was mentioned specifically the cause of the error turned out to be "Pure spam" where Google explained, "Pages on this site appear to use aggressive spam techniques such as automatically-generated gibberish, cloaking, scraping content from other websites, and/or repeated or egregious violations of Google's Webmaster Guidelines. "
Manual actions

Finally, I just realized that the expired web I bought was got a problem and if it continued to be used in building a link network, it could have a bad impact going forward. One sign that the web is being penalized by Google is the URL doesn't appear when checked in Google search via the parameter "site:" (note: "" is the expired domain name that I just bought). And also when checked in Sucuri, I found that the web was indeed exposed to malware.
Google penalty
Although efforts can be made to be able to recover the domain to get out of Google's penalty where the "Request Review" menu is provided, for example by saying that "we are the new owner of the domain and in no way associated with any actions in the past that caused Google TOS violations," but steps reconsidering the review itself requires a lot of time because the Google team will manually review our website.
reconsideration request

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