How to Get Free DoFollow Backlink from DMCA (DA 91 and PA 60)

Fajar Nindyo
To get DoFollow backlinks from the DMCA site, the method is simple, we just need to make a "badge" from the site and put it on the web or blog that we have.

The steps to get DoFollow backlink from the DMCA site are as follows:
  1. Visit the DMCA website then register for membership. 
  2. Choose your web or blog to be added by the DMCA Protection Badge.
  3. Pick or choose a Badge you like.
  4. Copy the embed code and paste it into your site (in all pages or on certain pages as you want to be protected). 
  5. For the best result, make certain that the DMCA code is viewable within the source of the website and don't make any modification of any codes.
  6. The DMCA Protection Badge placed on your website will trigger the crawling systems to come to check the page as it is requested.
To check the status of protection, you can try to click on the badge that has been installed on your web or blog. May, in the beginning, the status is still "Unavailable." You can refresh and re-click the protection badge again. If there is still an error, see your robots.txt file. You must ensure that the bot can reach your page contains the protection badge.

If you have properly added a badge on your page, the DMCA will verify that the badge is correctly installed. Once it has been verified successfully, they will take a snapshot of the source code and save as the digital signature and then the Page Title will change from "Protection Status Unavailable" to Page Title "[your URL page]". 

Because we use as a free user, the Account Status is "Non-verified". It means that the "Non-verified" status belongs to unpaid DMCA members. The status only changes to "verified" when you pay for "the Protection Pro" feature.

Although registered as a "Non-verified" member, when you click on "Show Protected Pages," you can still find that the link on the Badge page is a DoFollow as shown in the example image below:

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