How to Add a Meta Search Description to Every Article Post in Blogger

Fajar Nindyo
For those of you who own and manage a web or blog based on the Blogger platform, of course, you are familiar with facilities to improve SEO, one of which is "Meta Description".

However, the meta description in the "Settings - Basic" menu on the Blogger account is only used for SEO purposes at the homepage level and not for each article post. Then, in addition, it needs to add a meta description that is applied to each article uploaded to your website or blog.

The tool is called "Search Description" which is on the right side of the article post page or under the "Post settings" menu which also has options "Label", "Published on", "Link", "Location" and "Option."

As a part of SEO tools provided by Blogger, you can get a beneficial impact by adding Search Description which is important for search engine bots. For the best results, you must include keywords in the Search Description of your posts.

To be able to activate the feature, you must make changes to the settings in the "Settings - Search preferences" menu where the "Meta Tags Description" option is changed first from "Disable" to "Enable." Then fill in the description of your website there. Once saved, the "Search Description" menu will be active and appear in the right sidebar of Blogger posts every time we make an article. Write a short description in every post (up to around 150 characters) in order to get the best SEO result.

To show the effect on the addition of Search Description in a blogger post article, the results of checking below are shown on the website between articles that were added by Search Description and those not added.
meta search description
Article post with meta search description
Article post with no meta search description

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