How to Find Out the FB Admin ID Code for Filling Meta Content in your Blogger Template

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When we buy a Blogger template, in addition to getting the xml template file, we will also be sent a documentation file for adjusting the usage of the template by following user data.

One important parameter that is usually found in a Blogger template is "meta content", one of which is "the Facebook Admin ID code (FB)" for example as in the line code like "<meta content='xxxxx' property='fb: admins'/>" . This 'xxxxx' code must be filled in with the user's Facebook admin code.
FB Admin

How do we know the FB Admin ID code? Maybe you have tried to get it through an online service called Findmyfbid at I've tried it by entering my FB profile URL on that website page but after clicking the "Find numeric ID" button, no results were obtained. The source of the error that might have been caused by the settings in the "Privacy - Privacy Settings and Tools" menu that did not allow search engines outside of Facebook to crawl, was not true. The status set is correct, namely "Yes" so that search robots from outside Facebook, including Findmyfbid, can enter the page. But in this case, the setting does not affect the results displayed by Findmyfbid because it is still declared a similar error. So in conclusion, the tools provided by Findmyfbid can no longer be used.
FB Admin ID Code

Furthermore, as an alternative way is to do a manual search on our Facebook account. The trick is as follows:

Login to our Facebook account then right-clicks on the blank section on the profile page. Select "View Page Source".
FB Admin ID

Press the key combination "Ctrl + F" on our keyboard then type "entity_id" in the search box that appears. The required data will be obtained as written as "entity_id: 1381777786". This numeric numbers is the FB Admin ID code which can then be copied pasted into the Blogger template page that we have.

The code has an important function where the Blogger template that supports SEO (SEO friendly) usually provides SEO meta tags, one of which is the ID code to authorize and connect to social media, like Facebook. By entering the code, the URL of our blog will be more easily and quickly indexed by Google. You can try applying this method to your Blogger template.

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